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Tai Chi Chuan Form

We teach Cheng Man-Ching's 37-posture form. Classes meet weekly over a period of three ten-week terms.  The first 10-week term teaches the first third of the form (Beginner 1, or B1). The second 10-week term teaches the middle third (Beginner 2, or B2); and the third 10-week term covers the last third of the form (Beginner 3, or B3). A student demonstrates the ability to perform one part before moving on to the next. Learning tai chi chuan is cumulative, so regular weekly attendance is essential. To receive the many benefits of tai chi chuan- be committed to class and practice.

Graduates may want to review entire sections or individual sessions.


Qi Gong and other classes

We offer weekly classes in fall, winter, and spring terms (10-weeks each) of tai chi chuan form.  Beginner 1 (B1), the first part of the tai chi form, is taught in each term.  Beginner 2 or 3 classes are taught as needed.

During winter break and summer session, classes in "Roots and Branches Five Element Qi Gong"; or breathing, meditation, and chi energy may be offered and are taught in blocks of 3 to 6-weeks. These classes are suitable for all levels. No tai chi or qi gong experience is needed.  


Advanced Classes

Classes in Fundamentals, Intermediate Form, and Push Hands are available to students who have satisfactorily completed the Beginner Level and have permission to advance.

WANT TO TEACH T'AI CHI?  First, learn the entire form and take some advanced classes. Then you may apply to the teaching program. After an interview and practical, you may be accepted for an "apprenticeship" to teach beginning level t'ai chi form. For details, contact the T'ai Chi Foundation

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